Wednesday Poem – A Noble Brow

A Noble Brow


A lined spine is a beautiful thing.

Those ridges the textures of a literary

Consumption, standing proud testament

To past acts and present value,

Even as lustre fades.


Rest is the only cure for herniated

Leaves and sagging stitching, a simple case

Book for any surgeon in a binding

Agreement with Hippocrates.


Those floppy American things refuse

To wrinkle – a collagen of the cover –

Deny their very consummation in

A Hollywood of wholly insincere



Hardbacks have a rod up their arse.

Where is the fun in hiding beneath a

Jacket, inapt for rapt attention,

Wrapped in cloth and bored.

(Not to mention the price!)


Lines and liver spots and coffee rings

Memorialize a marriage of minds.

Shelved but not forgotten, communes

Of living words with a view, these sprightly

Raconteurs grow old in their fullness.

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