Man Booker Shortlist Prediction

I must come clean immediately and point out that I have not read all of the Booker Longlist. I managed six, which is exactly half of the longlist. I have two (Narcopolis and The Garden of Evening Mists) left over which I will read and review soonish. So my predictions are based on my own reading and that of people whose opinions I set some store by. They should be read as much as a list of what I would like to see shortlisted as of what I think will be. It undoubtedly suffers from my not having read everything. (The full Longlist is here).


3 thoughts on “Man Booker Shortlist Prediction

  1. I’ve not read them all (abandoned most as they weren’t to my taste) but I suspect Narcopolis will make the shortlist and I’d probably remove Philida from your prediction to accommodate it.

    • Yes, Narcopolis has been the novel most people suggest I should have included at the expense of Philida. I’ve read neither, which is a real shame, and which also makes it harder! Were it not for my ARC backlog, I would start it tonight!

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