City Boy

A couple of years ago I had nothing better to do than write some poems. (Apart from job hunting, that is.) Anyway, I started my PhD and lapsed somewhat. Before that, I wrote this, which I offer here because my thesis writing brain is currently incapable of reviewing. Do not take it too seriously.

City Boy

I wanted to be a nature poet,

But I don’t know enough about trees;

Nor flowers, nor meadows, or whose are those leaves

Lying there ready for a bonfire, no

Proper memorial.

John Clare I am not.

But does this blossom need a name, a lease

Of life from me? It seems quite happy

In obscurity, no label asked – quite free.

4 thoughts on “City Boy

  1. Cheers. And I really can’t name flora or fauna reliably. There are a few others under the poetry section of the ‘writing’ menu. I’ve probably got a few others dotted about my hard drive.

  2. I approve! Lots of fun…and gets into the whole nominalist/realist debate without, you know, the pedantry that implies. Kind of like Archie (A.R.) Ammons in that way. 🙂

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